Mentone, Alabama

Hometown of the Mentone Area Preservation Association (MAPA) which is dedicated to preserving and protecting the heritage, natural environment, and other unique qualities of life in the Mentone area.  Publisher of The Groundhog.

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Mentone: Where Little River Runs (86 minute video)

Mentone has it all! Excellent restaurants, cozy cabins, bed and breakfasts, historic hotels, lodges, Desoto State Park, and of course camps.

Mentone literally means, "musical mountain spring," and while natural cascades and rippling streams create a melody all their own, it's the sound of church chimes and harmonizing homefolk that draw the most interest, musically, today.

As a special place, Mentone qualifies naturally!  It simply has everything good you'd expect to find in a mountain environment -- clean streams; lush fragrant flora; unobstructed vistas; cool temperatures; and a certain peacefulness so hard to find nowadays.  The air here is clear and crisp.  There are no flashing neon signs -- no shopping malls -- no traffic jams.  There's almost nothing to remind you of the city.  Streets (more like lanes) are narrow and twisting paths of little resistance, with cottages tucked here and there.  The poets have said it best...

Mentone, a place the Great God built,
Up near the sunlit sky,
There life is new and friends are true
And days too quickly fly;
Where wearied souls regain their power
And sorrows leave in the night.
Where peace is born with each new morn,
A haven of joy and delight.
Sidney Lanier Gibson

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